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Sheeter Knives - Introduction
Introduction of sheeter knives
sheeter knives

Sheeter Knives

Sheeter Knives - Hardmetal Knives Sdn Bhd supplies all of the literally hundreds of different sheeter knives designs and in the bevel and alloy required to suit the material being cut. These knives are manufactured to extremely close tolerances and carefully inspected to insure straightness and parallelism.

Our advanced sheeter knives design maintain a strong, keen cutting edge and withstand the cutting forces generated by today's high speed machines without compromising consistent cutting accuracy. You get longer blade life sheeter knives resulting in less downtime, which means higher productivity and more cuts per grind.

* We supply all of the literally hundreds of sheeter knives designs
* Inspected for straightness and parallelism of the sheeter knives
* Longer sheeter knives blades life resulting in less downtime and more cuts per grind

Our sheeter knives ISO certified!


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