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diamond wheel

Diamond Wheel

Asian Grinding Technology (AGT) was established in the early 90's to cater for the strong demand in precision manufactured Abrasive Diamond Wheels. Abrasive Diamond Wheels are the latest addition to the range of quality machining products offered by SMK Toolings.

AGT draws upon the expertise and experience of specialists from England to manufacture precision super abrasive products for woodworking and precision engineering applications. Together with our valued customers, we have an ongoing R & D programme to ensure our products are able to meet the ever increasing demands of modern technology.

As a company who shares the same vision as the SMK Group, which enjoys a fine reputation of being able to consistently fulfill the expectations of clients from all over the world, AGT too has carved itself a niche with its quality wheels.

With all the right resources and facilities in place, AGT is able to ensure that the products and services are always of the highest quality.

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Diamond WheelDiamond Wheel Manufacturer